About Pennsylvania Stem Cell Centers

At Pennsylvania Stem Cell Centers in Lansdale and Center Valley, Medical Director Dr. Thomas Young is performing investigational studies to discover new ways that may help patients alleviate the debilitating symptoms of joint pain, Parkinson’s disease, asthma, and more. Pennsylvania Stem Cell Center’s Medical Director Dr. Thomas Young is double board-certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and has been practicing in the Lehigh Valley area for over 25 years. With his experience and expertise in stem cells, Dr. Young provides the highest quality care for each and every patient.

Why Choose Stem Cells?

A stem cell is considered to be any cell that can be replicated or multiplied to become a different type of tissue. While stem cells can be associated with embryonic stem cells which are taken from unborn human embryos, Pennsylvania Stem Cell Centers only work with stem cells procured from human adult fat stores. Stem cell therapy may be a natural way to support the healing of tissues that suffer from deteriorating injuries and conditions by injecting the stem cells into the damaged area of the body.